infrared 101


What is Infrared:

Infrared is an invisible light that is part of the electromagnetic spectrum. Ever use a charcoal grill? Notice how the coals don’t produce light yet you can feel the heat? That’s infrared. Our bodies naturally send and receive infrared waves. Infrared is not to be confused with harmful UV rays. There are no UV rays inside infrared saunas. Far infrared energy heats your body directly, penetrating 1.5” deep into the skin. Because your body is being heated directly, you are producing a deeper sweat than you would in a conventional sauna.

Traditional vs. Infrared Sauna:

Traditional saunas solely heat the room and often times have steam in the air. This can result in a stuffy, humid environment that can be hard on the respiratory and cardiovascular system. Temperatures inside a traditional sauna can reach upwards of 200ºF. Infrared on the other hand heats your body directly, leaving the sauna cabin at a lower temperature. Average temperatures during a session can range 125-149ºF. The reduced temperature and lack of humidity make for a more enjoyable sauna experience.